Ballo Enduro MTB Race Entries go live!


Ballo Enduro; A new addition to the Coupar Angus Cycling Festival this year. Those that know the area will be well aware of the Mountain biking hidden gem in the area that is Ballo and the surrounding trails. If you don’t know about the trails, and have not ridden near Coupar Angus, before we suggest you get entered and come and find some of the amazing riding that is on offer.

There is an amazing matrix of trails to be ridden here.  The event will warm you up with a pedal out to the trails.  We start with some flat out first stages with whole new sections being added and epic scenery zooming past.  Then things get spiced up, testing your more technical abilities in the later stages of the race.  Expect fast flowy trails as well as some steeper techy stuff.

We will be using the SPORTident “Air+” timing system which allows the rider to ride through the start and finish gates with no need to dib in or out allowing for an accurate and instant course time. Along with the guys from SPORTident coming along to provide timings on a big screen for you on your return from the radical trails.

More info also at

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