Ballo Enduro

Scotlands Spiciest Mountain bike race, Ballo Enduro. An integral part of the Coupar Angus Cycling Festival which will be returning for more sweet and spicy mountain bike action on the local trails surrounding Coupar Angus this June. It's piggybacked onto the Cycling Festival for a reason. The festival's aim is to get people of all ages and abilities on bikes. Ballo Enduro plays a big part in this and every year we try and develop the race to help the Mountain biking grow and get more people on bikes.

We have 3 categories. Making it more accessible to people of all abilities and helping to develop peoples Mountain bike skills to allow them to progress onto the other categories in years to come.

Full spice : The best trails as usual designed to spice up your weekend on the bike, with a great mixture of technical, fast, fun and flowy trails. Enter this for the usual challenging but fun, sweet and spicy Enduro trails mostly on Ballo Hill (6 stages)

Medium spice : Like an Enduro Lite. Designed for those wanting to get into racing or maybe after a more chilled out day on the bike, helping to build your skills for the full spice in the near future. This is a great opportunity for those wanting to start racing and get into racing at a more chilled out level. (4 stages)

Mild spice : Ballo Explore on Saturday only. The best way to find all of our amazing trails without the pressure of racing. With a trail guide as an optional extra. This allows riders to explore and ride the amazing trails surrounding Coupar Angus (Marked out and marshalled) that are within your comfort zone and also helps to build your confidence riding natural trails that we are lucky to have on your doorstep.

Sunday is race day and we plan to have a lot more people out on the hill cheering you on whilst you tackle some of Ballos finest trails and race against the clock.

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