CO2 Saving Diaries

Climate Challenge Fund

Help support our current Cycling Project funded by the Climate Challenge Fund!

At the cycling hub, we are actively trying to reduce CO2 emissions through a range of activities. So if you can help us with any of the following then please get in touch :

Recording cycling miles for children going to school by bike over using the car/bus/taxi (If you need advice/help/bike fixed to allow this to happen then just speak to us). We appreciate that current cycling infrastructure is lacking, so even if they cycle to the Hub, park up their bike safely with us (free bike check whilst at school) for the day and walk to the bus stop. THIS WILL HELP AND MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE to our project so even if its just once a week to begin with or the warmer months, this will help.

Donating unused / unwanted bikes : We up-cycle and recycle bikes at the hub to make cycling accessible for all budgets. So if you have any bikes you can donate to the Hub that would also be appreciated. Each bike saved from landfill and being reused equates to around 250kg of CO2 emissions saved.

If you want to buy a new bike we can also help you out. However we would love you to pledge to cycle at least 400 miles (2 miles a day over the year) on the bike (over the car) to pay back that CO2 used to create the bike.

If you want to find out more about the Climate Challenge fund and what we (YOU) are contributing towards by helping us then you can find out more here.

Facts/figures came from (Although there are so many variables depending on what bike you ride, car you usually drive etc...we have to start somewhere) :…/the_…/2011/08/two_wheels_vs_four.html

Recording Miles: Either submit manually here or join our Strava group and be sure to use the commute function to let us see how many miles have been done by bike over the car.

We are planning to run a 'Get to grips with Strava' session soon which will show you how to download it from the app store on your phone to using it record your cycling journey and lots of other geeky stats which helps you to see your cycling progress over the weeks, months and years as well as CO2 emissions saved (we work this bit out)!

Join us here :

Any questions just comment, message us, call us 01828 958 296 or email

Submit Your CO2 Savings

One of our main objectives is to get more people cycling and reduce journeys done by car. If you have been cycling instead of driving then we want to know, and if there is something we can do to help you or someone you know cycle more then leave some feedback/comments.