Fewer Fumes February

Fewer Fumes February!

As part of our continuing efforts to reduce our Carbon Footprint we are aiming to save 10,000 car miles in Coupar Angus through our “Fewer Fumes February” initiative. It’s ambitious but we believe it’s achievable with your help and not only will you be saving carbon but you will saving money on fuel and getting some great exercise.

All you need to do is note down journeys you make in February on foot, by bike, by bus, by train or by lift-sharing with someone else. Journeys only count if you would normally make them by car so if you go for a leisure cycle or take the dog for a walk (although they are great things to do!), they shouldn’t be included. Forms are available from the High Street Store or you can download them here : fewerfumesfebruary

If you prefer to do it your own way that’s OK. Just let us know how many miles you’ve saved, either at the High Street Store (The Cross, Coupar Angus), send us an email to calowcarbonliving@gmail.com

We will total them all up and let you know how we get on, so let’s show the world that Coupar Angus is leading the urgent challenge of cutting greenhouse gas emissions and see where the journey takes us.



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