Coupar Angus Cycling Festival

Cycling Festival

Our biggest cycling event of the year. This event stands for what we are and what we do.

Our festival has something for everyone. It is a celebration of Cycling in Coupar Angus and represents what the Coupar Angus Cycling Hub is here to do; Get people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds on bikes.

The Coupar Angus Cycling Festival is here to inspire people locally and regionally to become engaged with cycling in the Strathmore area and beyond. Participation will be the key to the success of the Festival.

The Cycling Festival will benefit people from Coupar Angus and beyond. We aim to increase interest and commitment to cycling for all ages. We are also keen to engage with people who may not be able to cycle because of the costs, their abilities and any other reasons. We wish to demonstrate to people the benefits of cycling and what is available for them, in terms of bikes and support from the cycling hub.

Check out the videos below and watch this space for the 2019 dates and programme

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Cycling Festival Video

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