Cycle Scotland for Coupar Angus

This Challenge has now been completed and has contributed around £8000 towards our Pumptrack Project.

We are now in the process of raising more funds to put towards it and we will be applying to various funders over the next few months in the hope to raise vital funds for this much needed infrastructure to help us Develop cycling in Coupar Angus and beyond.

We are aiming to raise £100k in total for this project which will be made up of community fundraising, donations and grant funding.

If you or anyone you know would like to donate to the project then please get in touch

01828 958 296 or email

Cycle Scotland for Coupar Angus

Our Cycling Development Officer, Grant Murdoch is cycling Scotland to raise funds for a cycling skills track in Coupar Angus to benefit the local community and beyond.

What am I doing ?

In April this year I am taking on a Solo challenge of cycling approximately 1500 miles on my road bike around Scotland, taking in the extremities of the country over 2 weeks.

Why am I doing this ?

To raise money to fund a cycling skills track at Coupar Angus in Perthshire, Scotland. Due to over-subscribed demand on cashback for communities funding, we were unsuccessful in getting a grant to build a cycling skills track in the town.

Who is this going to help ?

Those who will benefit from this project are people of all ages and abilities ‒ from children on balance bikes all the way through to adults wanting to improve their cycling skills. This track will be a pathway to the development of many skills that can be transferred, to better handling of a bike, making people cycle safer on roads, to kids building up their skills to go mountain biking on local trails, or before using the existing skate park, which can be a huge challenge for younger kids to overcome, especially as the park can get extremely busy. The cycling track will actually cater for more than just bikes, but also scooters and skaters as well. It will be a free to use, all year round weather-proof facility for everyone to benefit from. It will also allow us to facilitate coaching sessions and local schools can use it for alternative P.E classes. The track will be a major feature at the annual cycling festival. It will be centrally located and easily accessed from Blairgowrie, Dundee, Forfar and Perth with a network of quiet minor roads. This fantastic facility will make it easier to promote exercise and wellbeing in a fun way to get people of all ages and abilities on bikes.

My Background

I am currently cycling development officer, running the Cycling Hub in Coupar Angus. I am a keen mountain biker, but when I started my job in Coupar Angus, I got a road bike as I didn’t have a car for getting to work. The Coupar Angus Cycling Hub has many aims, but it focuses on getting people of all ages and abilities on bikes. This is why I am personally fundraising to improve the town’s facilities and infrastructure. I am very passionate about cycling and know how much fun it can be, bringing health and social benefits.

In all honesty, many of my friends probably think this will be an easy challenge as I am always cycling, but in fact I have never cycled more than 95 miles in a day… let alone over 100 miles a day on average, for 2 weeks. So it’s not going to be easy, and hopefully you realise this reflects how passionate I am about funding the project and its overall aims.

Crowdfunding page on Just Giving here :




The Route :

One of the favoured cycling skills track / pumptrack designers and builders : Velosolutions

A similar facility has been built in Inverness , have a look at the video here 

Follow Grants Facebook page here : Cycle Scotland For Coupar Angus

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