Markus stitz - bikepacking workshop

SATURDAY 29th JUNE 10.00am-12.00pm


Interested in bikepacking? Want some tips and advice from one of the best? The Coupar Angus Cycling Festival 2019 presents a Bikepacking Workshop with Markus Stitz.

Bikepacking is all about adventure, a bit like cycle touring but more off-road, with less kit and with bags attached to the bike without a panier in sight. Its all about exploring places less travelled, leaving the road behind and experience the ultimate freedom.

When it comes to bikepacking it would be hard to find someone with more experience than Markus, the founder of Bikepacking Scotland,  who most recently cycled around the world on a singlespeed bike. He travelled on and off road, through 26 different countries and over huge mountains and flat desserts. Markus came back to Scotland with the urge to develop bikepacking and make it more accessible for everyone.

During the 2 hour workshop Markus will show you his bike and the ins and outs of his bikepacking setup. He will show you how to pack efficiently, which bike to use as well as sharing his knowledge on route planning and much more.

With an array of paths, mountain trails, bothys, pubs and quiet roads, Scotland offers the perfect ingredients for bikepacking - right on our doorstep. So why not come along and learn from one of the best.

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Why not come to Markus' talk on Friday night to hear about his adventure around the world on a singlespeed bike? Tickets for that are available here. Buy both tickets together for and get a discount.

This event is part of the Coupar Angus Cycling Festival 2019. For more information on other events at the festival visit here.

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