Markus stitz - TRAVELLING around the world on a single speed bike

FRIDAY 28 JUNE 7.00pm

The Coupar Angus Cycling Festival 2019 presents Markus Stitz with tales from cycling around the world on a single speed bike.

Doors open at 6.30pm. There will be a bar but please bring cash. 

From Sep 2015 till Aug 2016 Markus Stitz, founder of Bikepacking Scotland, rode around the world with only one gear on his bike. During his journey he saw the Aurora Borealis in Iceland, braved minus 17C in New Mexico, crossed the Australian Outback, cycled through 40 C in Thailand, climbed up to 3150 m in Iran, cycled the Anatolian Highlands and the Alps and rode the famous cobbles of Flanders. All to prove that it can be done. One gear is enough to cycle the world.

Join Markus for an evening of inspiring photography, films and storytelling that will fuel plans for your own adventures on two wheels.

Markus will also be holding a bikepacking workshop at 10am on Saturday 29th June at the Cycling Hub for anyone who wants to learn about how to prepare for a bikepacking adventure. Tickets for that are available here.

Tickets for all events are also available from the Coupar Angus Cycling Hub during opening hours.

This event is part of the Coupar Angus Cycling Festival 2019. For more information on other events at the festival click here.

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