Pumptrack Hire

Pumptrack Hire

5 years ago when our Cycling Development officer started working in Coupar Angus he set out to get more people on bikes and one way was to engage with the local kids. We were kindly given permission by a local landowner to build a small cycle track / pumptrack out of dirt. It was far from perfect but it did provide something for the local kids to get involved with over the summer (Building, riding and socialising) It was the start of some hard evidence that we need a more permanent track that is much higher quality and that will last a long time.

Where It All Began | Coupar Angus Cycling Hub
Where it all began...

Since then we have been carrying out surveys and gathering data to back up funding applications to build a permanent track in the town. Our Cycling Development officer Cycled 1500 miles in 14 days in April 2017 to raise £8500 of funds to contribute towards our fundraising efforts in the hope that larger funders will support the cause for the new track.

Fast forward a year and we went to book the very popular Portable Pumptrack that has featured at our cycling festival most years. However, it was going to be sold instead of being hired out again. Long story short, some of our amazing Cycling Hub volunteers lent us some money which allowed us to buy the track.

The reasoning behind buying was to get bums on seats and people on a pump track straight away. It also meant we could have the track at our free cycling festival which was used by at least 400 people.


Pumptrack at Ardock | Coupar Angus Cycline Hub
Pumptrack at Ardock

Our amazing track is up for hire. Money made from hires will go towards our fundraising efforts for a permanent track and to keep our cycling project going as well as providing new job opportunities.

Our track has already gone out to many cycling and non-cycling events around the UK. It is the perfect way to get people of all ages and abilities on bikes, promote exercise in a fun way and help to develop new skills that are transferable to road and off-road cycling!

So far…the youngest person on the track is 18 months old on a balance bike and the oldest has been 65. The track caters for all abilities, so if it’s for an event to get people active or you are wanting to get competitive with some head to head racing this will be a massive highlight at your event that gets everyone involved!

If you want more information and or a quote then please just get in touch on cachub@outlook.com, call 01828 958 296 or use the form below.

What next for the Pumptrack Project in Coupar Angus:

Pumptrack at Edinburgh
Pumptrack at Edinburgh

We are aiming to build a track with similarities to the one below in Coupar Angus. It will be an all year round, all weather facility for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to use. If you know of anyone, businesses, funders that would be interested in supporting this project please put them in touch with us. This can be in the form of financial support, material donations (asphalt/top soil), plant hire (diggers etc) and volunteering to help build it.

Bookings & Enquiries

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