Sunday Cycles

Below are details about our four Sunday Cycle ride lengths

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5 mile

5 mile cycle

For new cyclists, people wanting to get back into cycling, or if you just want to stretch your legs, come along for a jolly ride. Approximately 5 miles, on quiet and flat roads around Coupar Angus.

10-15 mile

10 – 15 mile cycle

For cyclists wanting to do a slightly longer distance but still at a leisurely pace. The route will be pretty flat and approximately 10 to 15 miles long. A great way to explore some of the great local cycle routes we have in the area.

20-30 miles

20 – 30 mile cycle

Pushing the boat out a bit more to get some more miles in and around perthshire, this slightly faster pace lets you see a fair bit of Perthshire, with some great routes, with the option to do some hilly climbs but still at a realistic pace for those wanting to get some more miles in. It can quite often include a cafe stop too 🙂

40 miles

40 + mile cycle

Longer faster rides exploring the boundaries of Strathmore and beyond. Road bikes are recommended to fully enjoy these rides.

 If you are a keen cyclist :

You may want to push it further, there are always keen roadies wanting to do a faster and longer ride. If there is the demand we will go on bigger faster rides, but generally we see how people are feeling like on the day.

Soup and Cake

Probably the best homemade soups and cakes are waiting for you at the end of the ride, a donation is welcome, we can guarantee you will happily pay for the spread thats put on.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to come, you can borrow a bike from us if you don’t have one. No excuses, so Get in touch to find out more or book a bike for the next ride today!

4 Comments on “Sunday Cycles

  1. Hi, I am interested in taking part in this Sunday’s 10-15 mile cycle (weather permitting). Are the routes planned ahead or are they decided on the day? I haven’t done much cycling in the past 8 months but I am keen to get back into it together with people of similar capabilities.


  2. Hi Karen, The 10 mile ride will be decided on the day. Weather depending too, but it will likely be flat quiet roads and a lot of people will have the same mindset as you. The weather has kept a lot of people off the bikes this winter so many people will be in the same boat. Thanks


  3. Hi there what date is the next cycle on was thinking of doing the 10 – 15 miles or possible the 20 – 30 miles weather being good.


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