About Us

The Hub is a big cycling project that has been running for over 5 years now. Our main aim is to get more people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds on bikes.

Although we rely on funding just now we are attaching other spokes to the hub to make it more sustainable to secure long-term jobs and sustainable cycling development in Coupar Angus and beyond. These spokes are :

Bike shop & Workshop: Selling new Cube, DMR, and Tiger bikes as well as second-hand bikes to make cycling accessible and affordable at all levels and budgets. From road racing bikes and electric bikes through to second-hand bikes, there will be a bike for you.

We have a fully kitted out workshop to fix and service all types of bikes. We are a Bosch service centre so we can fix Bosch equipped electric.

Cycle Events: View our cycling events

Multi disciple events designed to get people of all ages and abilities on bikes. Our events stand for what we are and help us achieve the main goal. Get more people cycling. Many of our events act as peoples inspiration to get cycling, for others it is about a new challenge to push the boundaries further.

Portable Pumptrack Hire: Find out more

One of our most recent ventures is our Portable Pumptrack Hire business which helps create new jobs and helps to inspire people of all ages and abilities around the UK to get on a bike. We take our track to festivals, cycling events, corporate events and more to get people engaged in cycling. The track is always a key feature wherever it goes and is great at drawing in a crowd, increasing cycling skills, inspiring people to get active and promoting exercise in a fun way.

Carbon Saving Project: Find out more

One of the biggest spokes of the hub is our Carbon Saving Project. This projects main aim is to encourage and increase active travel to and from school. This will be done through mechanic lessons, led rides, cycle to school days, cycling sports days and more. Fewer journeys by car, bus, and taxi but more made by bike and walking. We will also be upcycling and recycling bikes to save them from landfill and getting them new homes.

If you want to find out more about the Hub and what we do then Get in touch