My name is Raphael Ruffinoni. My full-time job is web development. I was an anime freak. Web development, anime, and web series were my full-day routine adjustments. I became 300 lbs. I am really ashamed to upload my previous photo. The layers of my fat might scare you.

And I was also a foodie and night owl. And you know how it goes.
2015 was the year I decided to change my life permanently. I planned to go cycling was the best choice. But my nutritionist said differently. I should not cycle before 150 lbs as per my body condition. I started heavy jogging and a strict food chart to get the love of my life.

1st 100 lbs was really really hard. And also, my food chart was killing me. But for love you can give life, so, ahmm!!! Food was not a big deal. 🤞

2018 was the year when I got permission to ride bicycling, and BTW, my weight was 170 lbs.

And believe me, that is where I found my crush: Catherine

She was the one who boosted my courage to cycle crack through the sky. It almost took 1 year to take the spot in her heart.

So, I decided to post cycling experiences on a blog as a fraction of the emotion of my love and passion.

1st 2 letters of the domain are “ Ca ”.

Welcome to CaCyclingHub.com, I will try to enlighten all the cyclists to get benefit from my experience.