Eco Driving Course

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We have recently just run a ‘Fuel Good’ training course in association with the Energy Saving Trust. It was a course to teach trainees how to drive more efficiently and too help reduce their and Coupar Angus’s Carbon Footprint.

Sunday Snowdrop Cycle

This Sunday is our monthly Sunday cycle and is part of the Coupar Angus Snowdrop Festival. Everyone is welcome to join us, with three ability/length groups all meeting at the Enverdale Fitness Centre at 11am in Coupar Angus.

If you need to hire a bike then just email us at and we will get that sorted for you!

See you there.


The Insights zone

Cycling know-how, tips and advice from the experts at British Cycling

The ‘Insights zone’ which is a great source of information and tips for cyclists, from nutrition and preparation to technique and equipment. Have a look here and on the British cycling page in general. It’s not the easiest page to navigate, but it has some great information and advice for cyclists.

As well as that they have a huge events calendar that you can refine your search to Scottish events! Why not enter one this year for fun with friends or to challenge yourself!

Think the Hub should be doing any similar events ? Then lets us know and we will see what we can do!

February Sunday Cycle

This Sunday coming (The 1st of February) is our monthly cycle. We are all meeting along at the Enverdale Fitness centre at 11am then we will go out in groups of abilities.

If you need to borrow a bike then please get in touch! Email us :


The New Years Sunday Cycle

A Fantastic start to the year with a great turnout despite the slightly icy conditions. With a fantastic lunch of soup, cheese and cake afterwards. Thanks to everyone for coming along! Next ride is the 1st of February Meeting at the Enverdale Fitness Centre at 11am for all rides and abilities.

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Night Ride Success

Our night riding course was a great success! We had all six spaces filled quickly and everyone turned up on the night. Anyone that didn’t have suitable lights were given front and rear lights for the course. This was all part of the course, to learn what works and what doesn’t and people then knew what they should be using when cycling at night and in the winter especially.

With various light and clothing tests, showing what other road users will see easily and what they wont see that well. It gave everyone a good idea of what they should improve on to be safe and visible on the road. Usually the more you spend the better the product will be, but not everyone has a big budget for cycling. You can buy lots of cheap reflector accessories to fit onto existing clothing and equipment. That make you stand out well! But if you are after some decent kit, as discussed on the night here are some good products.(Click on the picture to find out more)

Altura-Night-Vision-Evo-Jacket-Cycling-Waterproof-Jackets-Yellow-AW13-AL22EVO9S3-0altura trouserscycle relector



The lights we were lending to people, which amazed everyone are available to buy via amazon for around £20. (They can take a while to arrive, but worth the wait, you may also have to buy a UK adapter for a couple of pounds to fit the foreign charging adapter) Click the picture for more information.



Here is a downloadable document that has a few basic pointers to follow when thinking of riding in the dark / in winter.

Night Riding Course (Click to Download)

Lights on

10845960_10153021254312384_80108920653787132_n (1)

Lights off


Mid ride discussion


Some other good links for advice are listed below:

Halfords night riding advice

If anyone wants any further advice, or would to be involved with some further night riding courses and rides then please get in touch by emailing us at

Finally thanks go to Richie for running the course!

New Years Sunday Cycle

Our Next Sunday cycle is coming up this Sunday. All the rides will start at 11am at the Enverdale Fitness Centre. If you need to borrow a bike then please get in touch through the contact section below.